Keys Kiss

Current residency at Villa Belleville. Program of events. Experiment for Physical Culture. With participations from Paul Bernhard, Julia Bortot, Camille Doiseau and Louise Moins.
April to May 2017. First event: 18 April. More infos on the website.Reservation needed, limited seats.


Textile installation, conceptual goodies and soundpiece, made in collaboration with Raoul Audouin and Paul Bernhard. Farewell piece presented during Maxi Hard Lounge Discount 5K exhibition, 2017.
PC, 12 avenue Auguste Renoir, 74960 Annecy. FR

PC espace d'art contemporain

Visual identity made in collaboration with Raoul Audouin and Paul Bernhard. Typography G16 by Bold Decisions.
The identity is centered around a monogram logotype and a strong typeface. For each exhibition a visual is picked by the curator. As a response to the lack of ressource, the printed campaigns are generated thanks to the print capsule. Website online soon. Instagram pictures by Hugo Dietur. PC, 12 avenue Auguste Renoir, 74960 Annecy. FR

Fool's Bells Fall

Publication accompanying the exhibition Fool's Bells Fall at Hotel Maria Kapel.
Texts and images de Avril Corroon, Renèe Helèna Browne, Tara McKeon, Kerry Guinan, Saoirse Wall, Eimear Walshe and curator Irene de Craen. Risography, edition of 150, 64 pages, 17cm x 27cm. 2016

Vitrines also die

Scenography made in collaboration and for the exhibition of Lisa Sudhibhasilp.
The idea of a publication grew until occupying the outside space of the installation, becoming a mural narrative and creating links between the objects and their captions. For each item corresponds a page, a number, and a text selected or written by the artist.
The Graduation Show, Gerrit Rietveld Academie. July 6, 2016 – July 10, 2016.


Publication made from and after our residency at the Art Department of Subbacultcha, Amsterdam.
With Ursula Marcussen, Line-Gry Hørup and Margaux Parillaud.
      This book functions as the third and last event of our project physical culture. The first part of the book compiles excerpts of found and written texts shared during and after the residency. The image part documents the wall-to-wall carpet presented during the first event (1. The opening, 17th Dec 2015) and a re-enactment of the series of exercises performed during the second event (2. The reception, 31st Dec 2015).
      For the occasion of the launch we organised a small reading series at San Serriffe (Amsterdam). More images coming soon.
With contributions from Paul Bernhard, Raoul Audouin, Jérémie Rentien and Robin Bantigny. Offset printed and silkscreened cover, edition of 250. 128 pages, 13.5cm x 20.5cm, 2016. Order for 15 eur via
The Art Department, Subbacultcha, Da Costakade 150, 1 Dec 2015 until 31 Jan 2016.

Physical culture

Residency at the Art Department of Subbacultcha, Amsterdam.
December 2015 and January 2016.
With Ursula Marcussen, Line-Gry Hørup and Margaux Parillaud.
       During the timeframe of the residency the different facets of the basement were activated; a place where societies gather, a provisional home, an exercising room and an visual archive department. It became an enclosed environment where the rules of agenda and schedule were altered. First, a carpet was executed by hand, to fit the entire ground surface; a basis and a witness for researches and public openings. 3 build-in closets already present in the basement opened for each event; the opening, the reception and the finissage. Researches circulated around the themes of renewal of time, in the context of the end of the year, and the idea of training. A series of stretching exercices were performed during the last day of the year, as a resistance to show a prefixed and final result. The finissage was presented in another space than the basement, at San Serriffe (Amsterdam).
       In the meantime, we coded—a display of visual input turned output as a modern day convertible calendar.
In collaboration with Ursula Marcussen, Line-Gry Hørup and Margaux Parillaud.
The Art Department, Subbacultcha, Da Costakade 150, 1 Dec 2015 until 31 Jan 2016.

Wibautstraat 3b

Exhibition design for photographer Lili Tegtmeyer for her residency research project at Hva, Amsterdam.
HvA Wibauthuis, Oct 8 until Dec 13, 2015.

Masks casts and interactions

Publication on the research project of photographer Lisa Sudhibhasilp.
This inventory functions as a personal index and complements her video and photo installation.
26 pages, 18.5cm x 27.5cm, 2014.

Baignade interdite

Series of booklets for the talented writer Camille Doiseau.
This thriller novel is divided in four episodes that become a book by simply stacking and stappling them together.
Camille's books are presented episodically during reading events in Bourges (fr).
Complete book, 63 pages. 11cm x 17.5cm, 2015.

Ritual without Myth

Imaginary catalogue for an invented exhibition.
Along with some Brazilian artists such as Amilcar de Castro, Franz Weissmann, Lygia Pape and the poet Ferreira Gullar, Lygia Clark co-founded the Neo-Concretist art movement. The Neo-Concretists believed that art ought to be subjective, organic and not theorised. During the 1970's, Clark explored the role of sensory perception and psychic interaction that the participants would have with her artwork. She referred to this as the "Ritual without Myth". In the final years of her career, Clark focused on psychotherapy and the use of art as a healing method.
This invented exhibition catalogue is an attempt to open up a narration from her works to other stories.
16 pages, 18.5cm x 27.5cm, 2013.

Tribute to banality

Series of pamphlets. Essay written by Simon Lextrait, text insert by Georges Perec, Approche de quoi, and images insert from André Poulet's Video diary.
        « The purpose of this study is to approach fashion through the prism of banality. Through this work I'm seeking to analyse and to uderstand the social and economical reasons behind the fashion system's tendency to reject the ordinary. The aim of this research is to define what kind of relationship we maintain whith banality and its reasons. My goal is to offer an alternative, a junction between these two entities fashion and the banal, which are often considered incompatible. It occurs to me that this association I'm about to propose is of great contemporary relevance. »
Simon's thesis was nominated for the best thesis of the GRA Awards 2014. 52 pages, 9.5cm x 14cm.


Visual encyclopedia of real and unreal forms or hybrids.
Against a classified and organised approach of knowledge, this book seeks the idea of a lineal evolution. All the image material is probed and selected from the internet. The text is written by borrowing from various sources; from advertising to Wikipedia.
This work was presented during the Graduation show accompanied by a screen installation with an audio book.
154 pages, 12.5cm x 19cm, 2014.

The Wereld

Thesis and photographical work by Arthur Perdijk
This publication displays text fragments, essays and visual researchs around Wageningen, Netherlands. The thesis creates links between archive images and contemporary traces of the past.
In collaboration with Carla Peer. 20 pages, 25cm x 50cm, 2013.